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European Roadside Assistance (for existing members)

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The company undertakes to provide the beneficiary with a twenty-four hour overseas “breakdown service” consisting of, a roadside repair and/or towage service, for breakdown of the vehicle listed in the subscription form.


The repair service shall consist as follows:

2.1 The company undertakes, to send its representative to the spot where the beneficiary’s vehicle has broken down, as soon as possible after the registration of the call to RMF’s call center in Malta, alerting the company about the breakdown of the vehicle.

A telephone number, which the company may designate from time to time, shall be available on a twenty-four hour basis. The person calling the designated number shall quote the vehicle’s registration  number.

2.2 The company’s representative undertakes, when the vehicle breaks down, to try to repair the said vehicle at its place of breakdown. In default the company shall provide the beneficiary’s vehicle with its towage service.


3.1 The towage service shall operate only when the required repairs are not carried out at the site of breakdown at the absolute discretion of the Company’s representative.

3.2 The company shall tow the vehicle to the nearest available repair garage - one destination only. However, if the current driver of the vehicle requests to tow the vehicle to any other destination, the driver pledges to pay the fees incurred for the extra distance. The member undertakes not to question in any way the decision made by current driver of the vehicle in the use of these above- mentioned services of the company.

3.3 Having towed the vehicle to the one destination as chosen by the current driver of the vehicle, the company shall bear no further responsibilities with regard to that particular breakdown of the vehicle, and its breakdown service (repair and towage) shall not operate with regard to the vehicle until it has been repaired and is once more roadworthy and in good working order.


4.1 The company shall meet the cost of

1) sending  a representative to the scene of the breakdown (one return journey only);

2) roadside labour not exceeding one hour;

3) towage to the nearest garage if roadside repair is considered to be impracticable, at the company representative’s absolute discretion.


5.1 The determination of whether a repair is a roadside repair, and in default, the decision to tow the car, to a repair garage, shall be at the complete discretion and sole judgment of the company, and/or its representative.


6.1 The vehicle is to undergo an RMF road worthy test, free of charge at least 3 days prior to its departure unless the vehicle is not older than 10 (ten) years. The client undertakes to keep the vehicle in a road worthy, well-maintained and good working condition.


7.1 The breakdown service is only available when the vehicle breaks down on the road. Repair and/or towage of the vehicle situated beyond the road, or situated in the sea, or recoveries of which would be dangerous or illegal for the company’s staff to load and/or transport, are hereby categorically excluded from the service being provided by the company, in terms of this agreement.

7.2 The breakdown service shall not be available for recovery of any vehicle immobilized after an accident, where Emergency Services are involved (Police, Fire, Ambulance) until the clearance has been given by them for the company’s staff to do so. If in order to clear the road, police authorize the immediate removal of the vehicle to a place of safety by a third party, the service company will not meet those recovery costs. The company will, however, provide subsequent recovery if necessary to one destination as specified in section 3, provided that the client has already arranged for the vehicle’s release from its place of storage.

7.3 The company shall not meet the cost of:

1) (a) towing from one garage to another or (b) towage of vehicle carrying heavy load.

2) Fuel, spare parts, oil or keys, or

3) Any service consequent to : (a) accident – unless not covered by insurance, (b) vandalism, or theft, or (c) ditching, sinking in soft ground or immobilization due to floods whilst the floods are still in course .

7.4 In case assistance requested is not covered by these Terms and Conditions, the Company may provide the service against a fee which has to be paid to RMF prior to the deployment of assistance.

7.5 a) A single puncture, burst or ripped tyre on a four-wheeled vehicle is not considered as a breakdown and shall not qualify for free breakdown service unless the registered vehicle is not supplied with a spare wheel by the manufacturer and unless the tyre is unable to be repaired with the emergency repair kit supplied by the manufacturer.

b) A single puncture, burst or ripped tyre on a two or three wheeled vehicle is considered as a breakdown and shall qualify for free breakdown service.

7.6 A vehicle that has run out of fuel due to lack of replenishment is not eligible for free breakdown service.

7.7 Inability to enter the vehicle owing to loss, or misplacement of vehicle keys, shall not qualify the beneficiary for the breakdown service. An unattended vehicle shall not qualify for the breakdown service.

7.8 The company shall bear responsibility and shall not bear the costs for any damage occurring to the towed vehicle in the exercise of the towage operation, or for any delay or loss consequential on delay howsoever arising caused as a result of the beneficiary availing himself  of the service.

7.9 Assistance will be limited to 3 (three) callouts for the vehicle indicated in the subscription form and between the “departure date” and “return date”.


8.1  This agreement shall only apply with regard to the vehicle specified in the application form and shall in no way be understood to apply to trailers or caravans or any kind of unit whether independent or attached to the vehicle unless agreed beforehand.

8.2 This agreement shall be valid for the duration shown in the application form – when applicable.

8.3 The fee shall be that indicated on the subscription page – when applicable.

8.4 The company reserves the right to refuse an application for whatever reason and shall not be under any obligation to divulge its reason for such a decision.

8.5 The breakdown service is limited to Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, Vatican City (Holy See)..

8.6 Vehicles up to 3500 kg, 10 m overall length, 2.5 m width and 3.2 m height are eligible for cover.


(Applicable for vehicles with a destination originating from overseas)

The following conditions and information is supplementary to RMF’s standard “Terms and Conditions for Overseas Assistance”. These will supersede those in the standard “Terms and Conditions” while all other conditions will apply.

9.1 Coverage shall not be activated before client informs RMF Ltd. of the make, model, Y.O.M. and registration number of the vehicle to be covered

9.2 The vehicle is not older than eight years and accompanied by a valid road worthy certificate. In case assistance is required, this certificate will be requested by the company providing assistance.

9.3 In case coverage is not activated, the client will be eligible for a credit note equivalent to payment made for overseas coverage less the amount of € 10.00 (ten Euros) which will be retained for administration fees. Once coverage is activated the client will not be entitled for any refund.

9.4 Coverage will commence four (4) hours after client has informed RMF Ltd of the details of the vehicle and will seize to operate after the period of cover selected on the subscription form.