24 Hour Roadside Assistance

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About Us

RMF is renowned for its efficiency and professionalism, its reliable and dedicated team of mechanics, breakdown coordinators, receptionists and management, whose aim is to offer a service.

RMF's driving force is its commitment to each of its members, the number of which is constantly increasing. With your well-being in mind, RMF is forever upgrading its services by investing in professional workers and advanced technology.

From assisting 1,000 motorists in its first year of operation in 1987, today RMF comes to the aid of around 20,000 motorists annually, assisting about 200 on a busy day. And it is even busier than this in December, January, July and August. Since its inception, RMF has attended to over 300,000 breakdowns and over 300,000 motorists, who would have been stranded had RMF not been around.

RMF also boasts 18 tow trucks, built to suit Maltese roads and geared up with regularly upgraded equipment to ensure no harm is done to vehicles when they are being towed. Its prime concern is to get its client mobile again, and it is therefore constantly seeking the latest technology and equipment from overseas to ensure maximum efficiency.

RMF is structured into three parts: a technical section, a roadside assistance team (available 24 hours a day, every day), and the administration, with its receptionists on call at any time of the day and night.

“RMF comes to the aid of around

20,000 Motorists annually”